Jim Dunlop Solar

Pre-Course Assignments

Participants are encouraged to complete the following advance reading assignments, exercises and self-study prior to the course. These preparations are essential for participants to gain the most from this course, and to accomplish the stated course objectives and intended outcomes. These pre-course assignments will require the textbook Photovoltaic Systems (which will be provided), and a PC computer with internet access to run the Photovoltaic Systems CD-ROM (included in the back of the text), and to access online information. A copy of the 2011 National Electrical Code or 2011 National Electrical Code Handbook is also required, and a simple calculator. Participants should bring the text, reference materials and completed assignments to the class for review.

  • Reading Assignment: Photovoltaic Systems, Chaps 1-5. Answer review questions at the end of each chapter and complete the Quick Quizzes on the CD-ROM.

  • Exercise: Conduct a PV system site survey on your home or business, and complete the site survey form on the CD-ROM.

  • Exercise: Based on the results of your site survey, determine the maximum PV capacity (kW) that can be installed, and estimate the system performance using the online tool PVWATTS

  • Exercise: Download and review the specification sheet and installation instructions for the SolarWorld SM175 PV module.

  • Exercise: Determine the appropriate string sizing using the SolarWorld SM175 module and SMA 6000US inverter. Use the SMA online string sizing tool to determine the minimum and maximum number of series-connected modules that can be used with this inverter for your application. SMA-America